•     Noname, previously known as Noname Gypsy, has been making ripples, splashes, currents and tidal waves in the waters of the current rap pool. Her most recent album, Telefone, has been highly praised since its release in late July last year. Boasting immense control over rhyme, tone, and warmth, Noname truly shines within the portrait she paints in Telefone. Noname historically has been a welcome feature on many tracks by modern heavyweight artists such as the recent three Grammy […]

  • I couldn’t tell if my stomach was uneasy because of the pungent smell of cigarettes and beer that filled the room or if it was because of how excited I was for the upcoming concert. Ever since I saw that my friend was listening to “Don’t Move” by Phantogram on Spotify and then proceeded to listen to the track for myself, I’ve been hooked on the electro dream-pop band. When I saw that Phantogram would be performing at our very […]

    Sarah Barthel performs soulfully at the Phantogram concert on 3/14. (Photo by Bang Nguyen)
  • Pizza was sold and 270 dollars were raised for the local Champaign-Urbana Planned Parenthood. Those who came out to the charity show enjoyed musical stylings from The Threads, Jarring, Garrett Ryan, and Puzzle Quest along with pizza, free condoms (courtesy of Planned Parenthood), and delicious baked goods. The first Pizza FM cassette release also took place at this show with a cassette split between local bands Jarring and La Louve.

  • Though “intimate” likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Vince Staples, it was perhaps most apt for his performance on March 6 in Urbana. Like many University of Illinois students, my experience with Foellinger Auditorium began with Professor Jose Vasquez. Each Tuesday last semester I would roll out of bed, i-Clicker in hand, to experience the exciting world of Econ 102 with nearly 700 other sleepy-eyed freshmen. In comparison to this capacity crowd of […]

  • I walk briskly to the back entrance of a home that I expect most people present have seldom seen in daylight, fearful of missing the beginning of the show. As I walk through the doorway to the basement I realize I am suddenly early, as the time zone has shifted from Central to Punk. Surrounding me is the sight of dad caps and the smell of cigarettes. I attended my first house show recently. It was a band lotto/DIY show […]

    Hidden Gravity at Ghost Planet
Photo Credit: Veronica Mullen