• With classes and Pygmalion just around the corner, it’s time for a retrospective look on Pitchfork Festival 2016 (and summer music festivals in general). It was a hot and humid summer in Chicago, and I’m a cold-blooded animal, aside from my need to use the regular application of live music to thermoregulate. The entire photo catalog from the weekend is available here, but you can check out our favorite photos from Pitchfork weekend taken by your friendly pizza staff photographer […]

  • In conclusion of my last post: Jay Som    If I can say I’m most impressed by a single singer from this night, it might be she. Jay Som is a 22 year old singer emerging from San Francisco on her first major circuit. She’s a bit wide eyed and still somewhat apologetic for her songwriting, a quality not unfamiliar to her downtrodden genre yet one that her traveling contemporaries have seemed to have graduated from, which could be a good thing […]

  • I’d be lying if I said I was using my position at this radio station totally void of personal gain… Mitski, along with her notable openers Jay Som and Japanese Breakfast, has sold out the majority of her US shows months in advance on the coattails of her most recent release, “Puberty 2,” and the only way I was able to get a spot at this show was much the same way our photographer and veteran Pizza authority, Mr. McKittrick, […]

    Featured pic mitski
  • Pitchfork is upon us and they’ve welcomed Pizza FM this year with open arms. Though we will be sending a Pizza veteran to cover much of the shows and artists appearing this year, I have already bought my tickets and here’s my take on who to make sure to not miss out on!   Friday: Though this guy may not be my #1 artist to see for the year (I have not decided who I am most excited about), he […]