• It’s 8 p.m., you just collapsed on your couch after finishing your weekly laundry and daily commitments, and all you want to do now is bump some tunes as your vanilla scented candle burns to a liquid wax. Your laptop is fully charged, headphones in arms’ reach, and don’t worry about the lighting (unless it’s D’Angelo you’re listening to). You scroll through your Spotify; do you go to your old reliable mixes or might you try out some new sounds? […]

  • While many people spend their Sunday nights relaxing and preparing for the upcoming week, Cherub hit the stage at The Canopy Club and had a wild performance, instantly making everyone get over their end-of-the-weekend blues. The funk-pop duo from Nashville brought the crowd to elation after “Boo Seeka” and “Frenship” warmed up the crowd. Luckily, I was at the front and center of the stage and got the best views of the show. Being so close to the stage already, […]

  • Last Tuesday, a hush settled over the crowd as Beats Antique (BA) prepared to open the Shadowbox in the Canopy Club. The crowd had already been primed by the musical stylings of Thriftworks and TOO MANY ZOOZ. Thriftworks is a versatile DJ-turned-break/dub producer and all around weird guy, while TOO MANY ZOOZ is famous for playing 3-piece jazz in the New York Subway—both are highly recommended. As for Beats Antique, I’ve been lucky enough to see them perform at Canopy […]

  • When done correctly, tropical house music has the ability to truly transport listeners to warm wavy beaches. Bobbing your head to the pan flute and saxophone samples, you can feel the warm sun on your back, the rough sand beneath your feet, and the waves crash as they hit the shore. With the weather turning from summer to autumn, Matoma turned the indoor Canopy Club venue to a beach party last Friday night with an outstanding performance.Following opening performances by […]

  • Here’s to a show that sold out so fast they had to add an additional day for those who wanted to see it. This already shows the amount of hype there is for this concert. In addition, we have two amazing openers, Hunter Siegel and Illenium to bust out the show before Zeds Dead. Zeds Dead For those of you who at a point thought this was Zedd or some sort of childish mockery of him, don’t worry because you […]