• So first things first: Singapore does not have good American pizza. There’s this stuff called VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) which is pretty much Italian style flatbreads and a handful of Pizza Huts. But be it thin-crust or deep-dish, a high quality version of the American staple is absent in this part of the world. This does not mean that the food here does not kick ass, but this topic could make up another post completely. (I can currently name 8 […]

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  • Parquet Courts are an indie rock band with a punk rock ethic. Since 2011, they have technically released 6 albums. After releasing “Sunbathing Animal” in 2014 and before collaborating with PC Worship, they released “Content Nausea” using their homonym name Parkay Quarts. The band seems to enjoy the anti-marketability of rapid releases and name changes, and I must admit that it is all very compelling in its stubbornness, so I won’t pass judgment. “Content Nausea” was primarily recorded by only […]

  • Hey everyone, we’re back online. I know I may have left a bunch of people out in the cold with these blog posts; long story short, I got overloaded with coursework over the past two weeks and forgot to run these posts in. Posts should be regular from now on, I promise! Basic Solution and I played a kind of housey set last time, but it evolved into a more progressive kind of sound. So we’re rolling with that, for […]

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  • Somehow lost in many hip-hop head discussions, Blackalicious remains somehow underrated if only by a lack of exposure. Their talent is apparent upon first listen, even if your first listen may have been from Daniel Radcliffe’s superb rendition of “Alphabet Aerobics” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Comprised of two, Gift of Gab flexes his deft poetry, firing off with the casual ease of synapses, as Chief Xcel creates ample boom-bap to give enough space for both nostalgia and […]

    Blazing Arrow
  • B4.DA.$$, pronounced “before the money”, is Joey Bada$$’ first major label album. The album successfully treats the listener with sharp wordplay and strong narratives along the central themes of Joey Bada$$’ life, seamlessly blended in with the hardships of the modern, adolescent black community as a whole. Joey Bada$$’ debut album was released almost three years after his debut mixtape, 1999. In the current hip hop landscape where artists make multi-million dollar record deals a month after a song goes […]

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