• Late-night partying? It’s time to get educated where did that beat came from and how it impacted lives of a lot of Americans. The growing number of America’s youth becoming deejays and rave-like parties continues to gain popularity. Since the late-eighties to early-nineties, house music has been so prevalent in the lives of American’s young generation. This whole decade points out the revolution of house music and its melody spreading around all over the United States. The climax where the […]

  • Hey everyone, ALYXX here. This post might be reaching you a bit late, unfortunately my schedule ramped up over the weekend and caught me a little off guard. If you happened to be subscribed to my Facebook or Twitter, you may have gotten this session’s tip on time at least though 4/27/15 we’re doing some Melbourne Bounce, because I keep defaulting to it when I do mixes haha! Love the genre, has a kind of big room ring to it but […]

  • To steal a quote from the song “Tapas” off his mixtape, Blue Chips, “Action Bronson is a rap singer, uh, he’s legit, and he sells his DVD for about thirteen bucks on the internet”, meaning that Bronson is not only legit, but has since become an unmistakable presence in the recent revival of New York hip-hop, as the bearded chief turned rapper has established himself as one of the largest personalities in the hip-hop scene (no pun intended). The Queens MC […]

  • Parquet Courts are an indie rock band with a punk rock ethic. Since 2011, they have technically released 6 albums. After releasing “Sunbathing Animal” in 2014 and before collaborating with PC Worship, they released “Content Nausea” using their homonym name Parkay Quarts. The band seems to enjoy the anti-marketability of rapid releases and name changes, and I must admit that it is all very compelling in its stubbornness, so I won’t pass judgment. “Content Nausea” was primarily recorded by only […]

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