• I’d be lying if I said I was using my position at this radio station totally void of personal gain… Mitski, along with her notable openers Jay Som and Japanese Breakfast, has sold out the majority of her US shows months in advance on the coattails of her most recent release, “Puberty 2,” and the only way I was able to get a spot at this show was much the same way our photographer and veteran Pizza authority, Mr. McKittrick, […]

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  • Pitchfork is upon us and they’ve welcomed Pizza FM this year with open arms. Though we will be sending a Pizza veteran to cover much of the shows and artists appearing this year, I have already bought my tickets and here’s my take on who to make sure to not miss out on!   Friday: Though this guy may not be my #1 artist to see for the year (I have not decided who I am most excited about), he […]

  • The weekend of Chicago’s second biggest, third oldest, and most hippest music festival is almost upon us. EDM heads are stocking up on gum and hula hoops, hipsters are staying indoors to be extra pale this weekend, and across the city, Chicago’s music nerds are getting ready for the 2016 Pitchfork Music Festival. In case you’ve been living under a rock and/or been so consumed by Pokémon GO you’ve forgotten what year it is, this year’s festival returns to the […]

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  • Since writing my first article about being a small girl in mosh pits a few weeks ago I’ve received a lot of positive feedback, so I’m pretty excited to keep writing about this topic after every few shows I go to. I even got a Reva award for being “Small but Mighty” from the Women’s Resource Center for that article and for some other work I’ve done for the WRC (thanks Molly, Alex, and Blake). So here goes…   The […]

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