• A hand-picked playlist of new music from recently released albums by Vulkano, Braid, Old 97′s, and more:

  • Hey Matt, you’re going to be a senior this year! Wow! Time Flies! You should enjoy it! When do you go back? I’m going back next week, Wednesday. WHAT?! That’s so early! What will you even do there? Is there anything to do in Champaign-Urbana? That’s the question I’ve been battling with the last few weeks when I tell someone I’m going back to school early. No one seems to have any clue why I would possibly want to go […]

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  • Welcome to college — a land of opportunity and booze. Here’s a list-down of the twelve types of people you meet in college! 1. Girls 2. Drunk Girls 3. Boys 4. Drunk Boys 5. People who carry books