Cooper-Moore does it all. He builds instruments and he plays them too. Currently jamming at the age of 71 with no foreseeable end in sight, Moore will be performing at Krannert on Thursday at 7:30 PM. A wide array of instruments and sounds will be played/produced; his style ranges from jazz and blues to improvisational and gospel.

    I had the pleasure of seeing Cooper-Moore perform this Tuesday in UIUC’s very own Allen Hall through the guest-in-residence program. He performed playing a variety of instruments. One instrument appeared to be a half-string half-flute hybrid which utilized a violin bow to pluck the string. Moore strummed a beautiful song on his homemade eight dollar harp in which he had a charming story to accompany it. Moore was planting in his garden when suddenly his new hoe broke. Left only with a wooden stump, he knew that this broken piece was crying to be whole again. One day when Moore woke up, it hit him what he had to do to make the broken hoe into something splendid and that’s how the eight dollar harp came to be. I can assure you that Moore will have many more stories to tell, stories of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and reconstruction. So go to the free concert at the Krannert Center this Thursday, you have nothing to lose but yourself in his music and brilliance.


    A final question to chew on that Cooper-Moore pondered during his Tuesday show, “When the bow was first made millions of years ago, what do you think it was used as? A weapon or an instrument?”

Notable events that have occurred on April 22nd:

  • 1864: U.S. mints 2 cent coin (do you think this is also when people started giving their “two cents”?)
  • 1969: 1st human eye transplant (can you see me now?)
  • 1970: 1st Earth Day held internationally to conserve natural resources (I have no joke for this, the conservation of our planet is of the utmost seriousness)

cucdWell, this April 22nd is extra special this year, not only is it Earth Day (that’s where you live!! love it!! respect it!!) it’s also Record Store Day. This is a magical day where vinyl lovers of all kinds come together to groove to grooves and appreciate this wonderful format of music. To learn more about this event and what to expect this Saturday, click here.

Pizza FM is teaming up with local vinyl shop See You CD and Vinyl to bring you live music at The Sipyard by 6 bands playing every hour from 4 PM to 10 PM. From 7 AM to 3 PM you can stop on by the See You shop to look for some new favorites or get your hands on the long-awaited LP you’ve been searching for. Record Store Day brings along special presses available only at Independent Record Stores, so ya might wanna get there early to snag somethin’ good.

Support your local business by shopping vinyl this April 22nd! Happy groovin’!


Game-changing EDM artist Bear Grillz is back on Urbana’s Canopy Club main stage, bear suit and all, for the next stop on his 2017 ‘The Void’ tour. The 28-year-old bear’s most recent single, ‘The Game’, features his signature styling of mind-numbing drops and eccentric vocal samplings that will be sure to keep the audience moshing and chanting along all night.

Grillz preempts every drop of the beat with sawtooth synths to pump the crowd with anticipation, as he engineers his songs for an international big room sound. Fans of the Colorado-raised producer recognize him for creating an intense atmosphere pounding with tracks of euphoric absurdity – his most recent EP, ‘Mo Honey Mo Problems’, seamlessly translates to a live stage setting.

Bear GrillzHis experimentation with cross-genre dubstep, often bringing in elements of trap, gangsta rap, and hardstyle into his music has been instrumental in generating his international fan following. In the last couple years alone, the furry-faced artist has made a name for himself on the EDM scene by taking turns on the road with both Excision and Datsik; he generated enough hype on the tours to get his own showcase at each sold-out show.

The performer is joined by frequent collaborators Pogman and Midnight Tyrannosaurus, both producers in their own right characterized by the heavy sounds of their own unique brands of dubstep; the two will get the Canopy crowd raving and headbanging long before the headliner crawls his way on stage.

The trio will be bringing the bass to Urbana’s own Canopy Club on April 4th at 9:00 PM. Doors open at 8, tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.