Pizza FM needs your help.

Ultimately, setting up,  streaming, and running a noncommercial radio station brings us quite a few costs. Please help us out by converting your dollars into our unrequited love (donating your hard-earned cash). Please click that little donate button down there to help us out:


In order to continue existing and take full advantage of our resources, Pizza FM needs to pay for the following items yearly:

  • Licenses from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange (so we don’t get sued)
  • Subscription to College Music Journal (This will allow us to contribute to the CMJ charts and be a part of a huge network of radio stations and music industry professionals. Once subscribed, radio promoters, labels, and the like will start sending us a whole bunch of new music every week to be played on the station)
  • Spinitron reporting service
  • LoudCity streaming service
  • domain name
  • And more!

Any extra funds raised will be used for miscellaneous costs like developing the station music library, better equipment, concerts, and anything else necessary to make this the best station this side of the galaxy.

Thanks a lot for your support!

-Pizza FM