Weekly Mouthful: So Many Dynamos


Often times, different media outlets will attempt to differentiate their video content by adding a weird n’ wacky spin so people will say, “Hey! They’re doin’ something different!” Well, we’re no different. This is The Weekly Mouthful, a video series featuring interviews with artists as they eat pizza.

So Many Dynamos at Pygmalion 2012

It’s an honor and a privilege to have a band like So Many Dynamos as our first non-local artist to be featured on The Weekly Mouthful. Before a ridiculous set to which I danced my weight away in sweat, a few of us sat down with So Many Dynamos and a large cheese pizza, and we discussed puffin stealing, whether or not Justin Bieber can shred, and the progress the band is making on its forthcoming LP. Sadly, the percussionist also kills a spider.

If you want, download the band’s new EP on its Bandcamp, and check out the interview below: